JoeyDots Racing Phones

A $1,000, not yet activated, 480x800 pixel, emergency-only until
its activated, smartphone with an Android operating system, designed
to compete in our reading, printing, cursive writing, spelling, and math
academic sports, that can be activated when kid is old enough to have
a working phone. The Racing Phone should be able to run most of the
games and apps on GooglePlay. This should be your kid's first phone.
We want every kid on Earth to learn their ABC's on a Racing Phone.

All the JoeyDots apps are included/optimized to run on this phone.
Other apps are temporarily shut off so Racing apps run uninterupted.

When your ready to activate the phone, just call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.
We will provide minimum service for only $35 per month.

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Joe Martyniuk
Post Office Box 864
Bensenville, Illinois 60106